Lilly Gold Sit ‘n’ Stroll 5 in 1 Car Seat and Stroller Combination, Tuxedo Black

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Lilly Gold Sit 'n' Stroll 5 in 1 Car Seat and Stroller Combination, Tuxedo Black (sunshade is not included in the offering)

Lilly Gold Sit 'n' Stroll 5 in 1 Car Seat and Stroller Combination, Tuxedo Black (sunshade is not included in the offering) Rating:
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Product Description

The Lilly Gold Sit 'N' Stroll 5 in 1 Stroller is a perfect stroller for baby and parent alike. It's not just a stroller. It can be used as a car seat, an airplane seat, and a booster seat. These features make this stroller easy on parents who enjoy mobility and travel.

When you travel with a baby or toddler, travelling light is usually not an option. The Sit 'n' Stroll by Lilly Gold is a car seat, a stroller, and a booster seat, it can also be used when travelling by air. The Sit 'n' Stroll is a single product that really does make life easier for you and more relaxing for your child. Safe, comfortable, well designed, and stylish, The Sit 'n' Stroll is truly innovative and clever. The Sit 'n' Stroll is suitable for babies from newborn to children up to 40 pounds, and converts easily from car seat to stroller and back again.

When used as a safety restraint The Sit 'n' Stroll is as easy to install as using your vehicle seatbelt. In stroller mode the Sit 'n' Stroll suspension system helps absorb movement making the ride smoother for your child, and with multiple handle heights, high density wheels and foot activited rear brakes, the Sit 'n' Stroll is designed to be easy to use for all parents and caregivers. The Sit 'n' Stroll meets or exceeds all safety requirements and is qualified to use the 'S' mark.

The Sit 'n' Stroll is great value for a quality car seat product that does 5-in-1 duty as a stroller, toddler booster seat, and an FAA certified airline seat!

Low center of gravity prevents the stroller from tipping Adjustable height handle features high density foam handle grips 3 Harness positions adjust as your child grows The internationally patented Sit' n Stroll is a lightweight luxury convertible car seat and stroller. As a car seat, the Sit' n Stroll meets or exceeds all USA departments of transportation FMV SS 213 safety standards. This is rated to 30 pounds in


  • Center pull harness- easily adjusts to provide a snug fit
  • Three harness positions- accommodates your child as he or she grows
  • 5-point harness- recommended by safety experts
  • Latch system- meets new child restraint regulations
  • Top leather- for better forward-facing installation in vehicle

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